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    Jill Bromley, LPC
    Child/Adolescent Therapist
    Licensed Professional Counselor, School Psychologist, Animal-Assisted Therapist, Educational Advocate
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    Cindy Trifone, LPC
    Child/Adolescent Therapist
    Licensed Professional Counselor, Animal-Assisted Therapist
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A Bit About Us

Jill earned a Bachelor of Art's degree from the University of Connecticut in 1997, where she studied Psychology and Business Management. She completed a Master of Science degree at the University of Hartford in School Psychology in 2000 and then went on to complete an additional year of course work for her Specialist Level Certification in 2001.  In 2013, she attained her License in Professional Counseling and thus holds two professional credentials in the field of child and adolescent psychology.

Jill began her career as a School Psychologist working in a state correctional facility; counseling and conducting psychological and educational evaluations.  Three years later she went on to work in an urban high school setting gaining particular expertise in the areas of: Special Education, Section 504, Title IX Equity Coordination, crisis intervention, evaluations and outcomes and measures. She became a "trainer" in crisis response under the NASP PrePare Model.  She is well-versed in all aspects of educational rights and programming and offers services as an Professional Educational Advocate to help parents navigate these processes.

Jill is passionate about the positive impact of experiential, non-office-based counseling techniques partnering animals with children/adolescents.  She realized this after encountering many years of frustrating treatment problems such as low motivation and poor engagement when relying on the more traditional models.   To attempt to solve this problem, she integrated an animal-assisted approach into several group counseling sessions within the school setting.  Immediate benefits were observable such as high levels of engagement, interest, motivation and insight; leading to overall better results than when conducting the same groups without animals.   As a direct result, and due to her lifelong companionship with horses and dogs, in 2012, she pursued opening a private practice specializing in Animal-Assisted Therapies (Equine and Canine).  This was the inception of BKF Behavioral Health & Learning Services, LLC.  

Jill is a life-long horse and dog owner-trainer.  She enjoys riding and schooling in the discipline of dressage and combined training.   She has an special interest in herbs and essential oils and possesses a certificate of aromatherapy; often blending for her horses and dogs.  She also enjoys all capacities of farm and animal management.
Cindy earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1982, where she studied Animal Science, specifically, Pre-Veterinary Sciences.  She completed her Master of Art's degree at Saint Joseph College in 2006 in Community Counseling.  In 2008, she attained her License in Professional Counseling.

Cindy has worked with children, adolescents, and families in various capacities, culminating in her passion for integrating animal assisted therapies into her work. She has clinical experience working with trauma, grief, depression, ADHD, and anxiety.

Cindy’s lifelong desire, to help children and their families, began as a parent educator at the Family Resource Center in Meriden. She then became involved with the startup of Soul-Friends, Inc., where she provided canine assisted therapy for at-risk children. At Plainville Youth Services, Cindy with the help of her four therapy dogs assisted children, adolescents, and their families over the course of 7 years.   In 2012, Cindy joined Jill at BKF Behavioral Health & Learning Services to be able to provide Animal-Assisted Therapy a primary counseling modality.

Cindy is deeply committed to providing quality mental health services to individuals with diverse issues and backgrounds. She is devoted to creating a therapeutic environment that is accepting, nurturing, and engaging, allowing for personal discovery, growth and positive change. Cindy has an intense understanding of the healing benefits, wisdom gained, and positive growth that occurs when individuals interact with animals and nature. As a counselor, she has been privileged to witness the results of those interactions and the deep insight and powerful, moving experiences that the metaphors shared in a session can provide to clients.

She enjoys integrating a variety of animals in her sessions. Cindy is a PATH International certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL). Cindy conducts both on site and visiting canine therapy sessions, utilizing her registered therapy dogs.  Cindy and her husband cherish their children, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and rabbit. She enjoys hiking with her dogs, reading, working-out, movies, yoga, Reiki, and time with friends.
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