BKF Behavioral Health &
Learning Services
Interactive, experiential therapy in a natural setting while still utilizing evidence-based techniques to achieve measurable outcomes.

Here, you will find child/adolescent counseling to be "outside the box," of the traditional office-based setting.  Children/adolsecents are encouraged to engage with animals and nature through the modalities of equine/canine-assisted psychotherapy. 

Mainstream therapeutic models rely heavily upon: complex emotional processing, sustained periods of attention, physical inactivity, a reliance on self-expression via verbal skills and a presumed preexisting motivation to reach adult-created goals.  As such, children and adolescents often respond favorably to the interactive and experiential nature of AAT.

The goals and benefits of animal-assisted counseling are consistent with other treatment modalities:  to increase skill building, insight, emotional/behavioral regulation, communication, problem solving and the application and generalization of skills.
Educational Advocacy
Professional advocacy for families experiencing difficulty with the educational process. 
Children can have trouble in school for many reasons.  Determining interfering factors, finding the appropriate intervention(s), monitoring progress and then making the necessary adjustments can be overwhelming.  Many parents find this process confusing and inefficient, which can lead to a breakdown in trust and communication with the school.

I help parents to understand and navigate the process of the education system while advocating for the learning needs of their child. This can include teaching parents about Special Education, Section 504, how disabilities may impact learning, procedural rights and appropriate educational interventions.

Advocacy services can involve support with: IEP and 504 accommodation planning, psycho-educational evaluation interpretation, preparation for meetings with the school, and attendance at educational meetings.  Services are tailored to individual needs, please call for a free initial consultation.
On-site consultation or small group AAT workshops to meet your agency's needs.
Does your agency require additional training for staff regarding the learning and behavioral health needs of children?  I can provide on-site workshops or offer farm-based small group team building via AAT.  Please contact me for more information.